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4 Tips To Keep Your Back Healthy and Strong This Winter Season

The holiday season is upon us, and that means that winter is almost here. Whether you’re hauling around a heavy pine tree or are shoveling the snow off of your driveway, the risk of injuring your back is high.

Here are some tips on how you can keep your back healthy and safe this winter!

  1. Wear proper footwear
    Always make sure you are wearing stable shoes that have a reliable tread. You want to make sure your shoes are as comfortable as possible, to decrease the risk of falling and injuring your back.
  2. Stay active and fit
    Always remember to stay active and fit, even during those cold winter months! Staying active is a great way to work out your muscles and joints, and prevent back pain injury. We suggest getting a membership to a nearby gym! This way you won’t have to worry about working out in the cold.
  3. Watch your load
    Be careful with your load! Don’t carry too many items at once, and always distribute your weight evenly on both sides of your body. If an item is too heavy for you to carry by yourself, seek help. You don’t want to risk injuring your spine!
  4. Eat right!
    Our diets have a direct correlation as to how we feel. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you are always eating right and staying hydrated! Eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water! Remember, you are what you eat.

Give these a try and let us know how it goes! Have any tips you’d like to share with us? If so, tweet them to us at @ASAPLittleRock, or leave them in the comments section below. You can also follow us on Facebook by clicking HERE.

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