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Posture Tips for Dealing With Back Pain

Dealing with back pain can be unbearable sometimes.  It’s often hard to do the most basic actions that we take advantage of when we aren’t in pain.  Something as simple as sitting or lying down can be a struggle. Today we’re going to share best practices for how to situate your back and spine when resting or moving around.  


Turn to Foods to Fight Back Pain

Here at Arkansas Spine and Pain, we advocate for a holistic plan to fight back pain and promote spine health.  While there isn’t a silver bullet that will magically cure an issue, there are a lot of steps you can take to start the process of recovery.  Making wise choices about the foods you put into your body is a great place to start but you need to know what the goal is.  Some foods have anti-inflammatory properties that will help manage pain and reduce swelling and inflammation.  Today we’re going to discuss some of these foods.


How To Exercise While Suffering From Back Pain

Everyone knows that exercise is important but for us here at Arkansas Spine and Pain, we think about it a little differently.  Yes, exercise is still important but you must understand that the wrong kind of exercise can be detrimental to your recovery process but there is a way to do it safely.  Refer to our post on 4 Quick and Easy Tips for Back Pain Prevention for general advice.  Remember to come see us for all of your recover needs.


Best Practices for Managing Whiplash


Many associate whiplash with auto accidents but the fact of the matter is whiplash can be a result of many different activities, if done improperly.  We’re fortunate to not have this problem very often but in many parts of the country right now, people are slipping on ice and getting all manners of spine injury.  

We’ve compiled some quick tips on how to manage pain when you’re not in our office.