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4 tips for keeping your spine healthy


Are you having pain in your lower back? Are cramps shooting down your legs? If so, that “pins and needles” feeling you are experiencing could be related to spinal health issues.

Research shows that up to 90 percent of Americans will suffer from spine related pain at some point in their lives. As with most health-related issues, spinal pain is preventable. To help you prevent spine pain, we’ve put together a list of four tips.


5 Hip Bursitis Risk Factors


There are two pivotal joints in the body that possess a high risk of developing osteoarthritis: the knees and the hips. Those two joints specifically possess greater risks for osteoarthritis than other joints within the body due to the constant pressure being placed on them as we go about our everyday lives. Osteoarthritis involves the breakdown of the joints and the wearing away of the cartilage, which takes away the cushion that would exist between the joints. This could lead to pain and inflammation in the joints.

To help you become more aware of hip bursitis and what factors can play a role in you experiencing it, below are some risk factors for you to take into consideration.


How To Deal With “Text Neck”

smartphone-569076__180One of the latest issues to hit the news lately has been a condition called “Text Neck.” Simply put, the condition results from placing too much pressure on the neck while looking at handheld devices such as iPhone, iPads and tablets. It’s one thing to look down while reading a book, but what causes text neck is the longevity of the period of time spent looking down at a wireless device.


4 Tips to Help Alleviate Pain From Spinal Stenosis


Spinal stenosis involves the narrowing of various spaces within the spine, which in turn can result in the spinal cord and nerves experiencing pressure and the narrowing of the spinal canal. The majority of individuals who suffer from spinal stenosis, experience it in the lower back. Spinal stenosis can occur due to a variety of different reasons such as traumas, accidents, and arthritis. The good news there are some tips you can follow to help decrease the level of pain brought on by spinal stenosis.