Dr. Mohamed Tolba

Dr. Mohamed Tolba

Medical Student-Attended medical school at Menoufia University: ShibinElkom, Menoufia, Egypt, fromOct 1985-Sep 1992

Anesthesiology Resident-Completed first residency at Menoufia University; ShibinElkom, Menoufia state-Egypt from Oct1994-Oct1997

Assistant Lecturer-After completing his residency Dr. Tolba became an assistant lecturerin theanesthesia department at Menoufia University from 04/23/1998-09/28/2002.

Notice: An Assistant lecturer in the Egyptian system is comparable to an “Instructor” in the American system.

Lecturer-Became a Lecturer for theanesthesiadepartment at Menoufia University, from 09/29/2002-10/21/2007

Notice: A Lecturer in the Egyptian system is comparable to an “Assistant professor” in the American system.

Assistant professor– After many years Dr. Tolba received a Tenure position as an Assistant Professor in the anesthesia departmentat Menoufia University, from 10/22/2007-2010.

Notice: An Assistant Professor in Egyptian system is comparable to “Associate Professor” in the American system.

Fellowship-Pediatric anesthesia fellowship at the Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, NY-USAfrom Aug 2010—May 2011

Anesthesiology Residency- completed an additional 4 years residency at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences: Little Rock, AR-USA

July 2011-June 2015

Interventional pain specialist at Arkansas Spine and Pain Center, from

8th of June 2015-present