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How To Exercise While Suffering From Back Pain

Everyone knows that exercise is important but for us here at Arkansas Spine and Pain, we think about it a little differently.  Yes, exercise is still important but you must understand that the wrong kind of exercise can be detrimental to your recovery process but there is a way to do it safely.  Refer to our post on 4 Quick and Easy Tips for Back Pain Prevention for general advice.  Remember to come see us for all of your recover needs.

Many of our clients here in Arkansas are active individuals and often ask us what they can do in terms of exercise.  Here are some quick tips on what you can and cannot do.

Sit-ups:  While sit-ups are a great exercise for most, this activity may put pressure on discs in the spine which would cause serious pain and slow or reverse the recovery process.  Do not attempt.

Leg lifts:  This exercise is designed to build strength in the abdominal core and, while this is a good thing, should not be attempted while recovering from a spinal injury or back pain.  As an alternative, try lifting your legs a couple inches from the ground while laying on your back.  Consult with us first before attempting this.

Aerobic Exercise:  Go for a swim!  Try walking in circles at a pool.  The natural resistance of the water will provide you exercise while not putting much pressure on your spine.  If you feel comfortable, try doing different swimming strokes but avoid any that twist your body.

Pilates:  Research different pilates exercises and see if you feel comfortable trying the basic positions.  Pilates is designed to be low impact so might be a good fit for you.  Again, don’t try anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.

Give these a try and let us know how it goes! Have any tips you’d like to share with us? If so, tweet them to us at @ASAPLittleRock, or leave them in the comments section below. You can also follow us on Facebook by clicking HERE.

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