Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Medicine

Post-surgical rehab is designed to help patients return to their previous physical functions prior to their injury. Surgery is one part of the component necessary to healing, the other component being rehab. Following surgery, patients will be instructed to rest in order to give the body time to heal. During this period of rest, muscle strength and functionality may diminish. With post-surgical rehab, patients will be assisted in regaining their muscle strength as well as pre-injury joint movement.

By collaborating with the patient, we will work to help improve joint movement and strength as well as recreating stability around the joint. The rehabilitation process can be a smooth process or a more complicated one depending on the severity of the injury sustained by the patient and the type of surgery that was done. Regardless of how complicated the injury or surgery may have been, our team of experts have enough experience in working with post-surgical patients, that we can help you achieve successful recovery outcomes. The early parts of the treatment may focus on minimizing the pain the swelling in place while simultaneously helping to regain motion. Gradually, the surrounding muscles and tissues will be strengthened and your regular biomechanics will be gradually restored.

Patients who would be deemed ideal for post-surgical rehabilitation may have underwent one of the following surgeries:

  • Replacement of knee, shoulder, or hip joints
  • LCL, ACL, PCL, and MCL tears
  • Repair of fractures in the arms/legs
  • Surgical procedures for the neck/back
  • General post surgery rehabilitation

All treatment plans will vary on a case-by-case basis, depending on the patient and the level of severity of the injury and type of surgery performed. Recovery times may vary  due to the fact that each person and each situation is different from one another. At Arkansas Spine and Pain, we will carefully evaluate your injury and prescribe a tailored treatment plan for you.