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Signs That You Are Developing Arthritis

Hello everyone!  Today we wanted to discuss one of the most common joint conditions out there, arthritis.  Now, we use arthritis to identify several types of joint conditions that all fall into the arthritis family, so make sure you come see us to diagnose your specific condition.  For the sake of this article we will lump all of these conditions into one.  Arthritis symptoms can often be mistaken for other serious conditions so we highly advise an expert opinion.  Here are some early signs to watch for that may indicate the development of arthritis.

Joint Swelling
Swelling is one of the first symptoms that bring our clients in because it is very easy to identify–alarming to wake up to.  Swelling is not exclusive to arthritis but, unless you’ve had an injury to that specific joint, it’s pretty easy to diagnose that as an early symptom of arthritis.  Like many conditions, if left unmanaged, this swelling can quickly lead to more extreme symptoms.

Joint Pain
Likely the most common reason people start considering arthritis, this symptom can range from mild discomfort in your joints to extreme pain that makes daily tasks unbearable.  Early arthritic pain is often accompanied by swelling.  Swelling can be overlooked or ignored sometimes while pain can not.  There are ways to manage this pain that we will address in a future blog post.

Deformation usually occurs later on in the development of the condition.  Deformation can come in different forms like hardening and enlargement of the joints, bending of digits due to joint damage, and discoloration.  As this isn’t an early sign of the condition, per se, it is possible to ignore the condition long enough that this symptom becomes the tipping point for some before seeking professional help.