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How to Manage Chronic Pain in Cooler Weather

Individuals suffering from chronic pain often feel the pain worsening with the shift in the weather, particularly as the seasons change from summer to fall. Individuals suffering from back or neck pain experience worsening of the pain while individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia witness their symptoms getting worse. Regardless of what chronic illness or condition individuals may be suffering from, one thing is for certain. Fall is not a great season for individuals suffering from chronic pain. However, you can minimize the degree of your pain by applying heat therapy. Below are various forms of heat therapy that can be applied to help chronic pain sufferers.

Hot Packs or Heating Pads Dedicate 20 minutes, several times a day to applying some type of hot pack or heating pad to the body area where the pain is emanating from. This will not provide permanent relief but will help temporarily.

Heat Wraps Heat wraps can help provide the necessary warmth to ease back and joint-related pain. They can be found at any local store or pharmacy, and provide relief that can last up to 8 hours.

Water Therapy Soaking yourself in a warm or hot bath can be very helpful for the body, especially for individuals suffering from sciatic nerve pain. It helps reduce inflammation and relaxes the body.

Stay Active It may not be enticing to go out for a run or jog in cold weather especially if you are experiencing pain. In all actuality, not being active may result in the worsening of some of your pain. If the weather gets cold, consider an indoor athletic facility with a track or make use of your treadmill at home .

Dress Warmly and Comfortably Before you head out, toss your clothes into the dryer for a few minutes and then wear them. Not only will they warm you up, but they will also provide relief to stiffness in your body and help reduce the pain as you begin your day.

The cold weather can be unkind to us especially more so for individuals who suffer from chronic pain. The key is to keep warm and active. We hope these tips help you get through this cooler weather!

How does cool weather impact your pain? What do you do to manage it? Share your experience below!