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Turn to Foods to Fight Back Pain

Here at Arkansas Spine and Pain, we advocate for a holistic plan to fight back pain and promote spine health.  While there isn’t a silver bullet that will magically cure an issue, there are a lot of steps you can take to start the process of recovery.  Making wise choices about the foods you put into your body is a great place to start but you need to know what the goal is.  Some foods have anti-inflammatory properties that will help manage pain and reduce swelling and inflammation.  Today we’re going to discuss some of these foods.

Cherries have powerful antioxidants that are known to prevent muscle and tendon pain which can help with certain spine pain issues.  Consider drinking tart cherry juice as a way to get concentrated antioxidants into your system.

Fish with low mercury levels like Salmon and Sardines can aid in returning blood flow to spinal disks.  The key ingredient we’re looking at here is fatty omega-3 acids.  If you don’t like fish or can’t eat it for some reason, consider taking an omega-3 supplement.  Consult with us first.

Turmeric has been used for millennia for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  The substance that gives it this property is called curcumin.  The taste isn’t for everyone so look on your health food store’s shelves for supplements containing 95% curcumin.

Soy is known to be effective against general pain.  Those that consume a lot of soy protein have reported less pain when compared to those on a high animal protein diet.  It’s simple to consume soy if you have a taste for it.  Try tofu, edamame, or even soy-based protein drinks.   

Hot Peppers have long been used for their analgesic properties, sometimes even topically.  The active ingredient here is capsaicin, the ingredient that makes the peppers spicy in the first place!