Worker’s Compensation Injuries

Our team at Arkansas Spine and Pain are knowledgeable and understanding of worker’s compensation guidelines and protocol. Employees who get injured while on the job can expect a comprehensive treatment plan early on and proper diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries, in order to ensure their safe and quick return to their job functions. We work with the employers and insurance carriers in providing all the relevant information regarding the progress of the patient’s treatment and prognosis. We also make it a point to set appropriate restrictions regarding certain job functions in order to prevent the employee from possibly re-injuring his/her self. Injuries sustained during the completion of a work-related task may not produce immediate pain. In the event you get injured at work, make it a point to schedule an appointment with us as early diagnosis and intervention can contribute to a proper recovery, especially in the event the injury is internal in nature or the spine becomes misaligned. Generally, individuals that work jobs requiring physical labor, face a greater likelihood of getting injured at work.

Injuries that are typically affiliated with worker’s compensation tend to be in the acute phase. In some cases, once the swelling from a strain or sprain dissipates, pain lingers on, becoming chronic pain. For example, some common cases of worker’s compensation injuries include low back pain, which may have been brought on due to lifting heavy objects using the back as opposed to bending the knees. Our team specializes in diagnostic procedures that help determine the serious nature of the injury suffered from the job. Our treatment options and results may vary on a case-by case basis.

We strive to help you receive the best possible treatment that will allow you to return to work within an appropriate time period, ensuring you are healthy enough to partake in the functions demanded by your job.