Fascia Iliaca Block

Categories: Lower Body

One of the more common injuries experienced by elderly individuals are neck fractures within the femur bone that often result in severe pain episodes. The purpose of the fascia iliaca block procedure is to help block the transmitting of pain signals due to the pain and aftermath of surgery. This procedure is not suitable for all patients but for those that necessitate it, it is a safe, efficient, and good form of treatment for pain relief.

​The procedure involves the blockage of pain signals that emanate from the knee/thigh and travel upwards towards the brain. This procedure is commonly done following major leg surgeries such as knee replacement, to help reduce or eliminate the pain that comes about as a result of the surgery.

The procedure entails the insertion of a needle within close proximity of the femoral nerve. The anesthetic medication is then applied to block the pain. The medication, once applied, quickly reaches nerves that are nearby and blocks the pain signals emanating from them. This allows the patient to experience no further pain following the completion of surgery.

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