Fluoroscopic Guided Steroid Injection for Knee Pain

Categories: Lower Body

The fluoroscopic guided steroid injection for knee pain is a procedure done on an outpatient basis and serves to benefit patients suffering from arthritis in the knee. It requires no form of operation and involves the use of steroid medication that helps reduce inflammation with a great deal of accuracy.

In preparation for this procedure, the knee is first swabbed and sterilized using an antiseptic solution, then a local anesthetic is injected in order to numb the knee. A fluoroscope is then positioned around the knee to help guide the direction of the needle and ensure it is properly placed into the knee joint. A contrast dye is injected in order to ascertain that the medication properly reaches the space within the knee joint. The fluoroscopic image helps to display the contrast dye being injected. The placement of the needle will be adjusted should the dye gather up in the front of the knee.

Once the contrast dye penetrates the space inside the knee joint, the medication is then ready to be injected. into the knee joint. The syringe at the end of the needle is replaced with a syringe filled with the anesthetic and steroid medication is inserted into the needle. The medication is then injected into the knee joint.

The medication applied to the knee joint will help to reduce the inflammation and control the pain. Normally, patients should expect to feel the benefits of the medication after one treatment but in some cases, multiple treatments may be required.

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