When was the last time your provider asked you how your brain is feeling?  As we enter the month of May, Arkansas Spine and Pain recognizes the connection between brain and back, and are opening up the floor for tough conversations. Let’s talk mental health ASAP!

Though mental health continues to be a taboo topic for some, we recognize the all-too-prevalent battle that many of our patients face amidst their pain management journeys. As if the impacts of chronic pain on quality of life are not daunting enough, chronic pain sufferers are four times more likely to have depression or anxiety than those who are pain free.

Chronic pain has been linked to activity limitations, dependence on opioids, sleep disturbances, decreased appetite, trouble concentrating, and mood changes. The frustration of dealing with these changes can result in high stress, self-esteem, and additional mental health obstacles.

Thus, the numbers are staggering. In a study run by Mental Health America, 54 percent of screeners with chronic pain experienced severe anxiety; 54 percent with chronic pain were positive for bipolar; 47 percent with chronic pain experienced severe depression; and 92 percent with chronic pain were positive for PTSD versus 83 percent without.

In fact, the estimated current of high levels of depressive symptoms or a mood disorder exceeds 50% in individuals with fibromyalgia and chronic spine pain.

So, what can be done?

Treating your chronic pain from the source is the first step. Relieving your pain through the thorough care of our providers allows you to take a step in the right direction of getting your life back. Non-invasive procedures like medicinal injections, nerve blocking, or Kyphoplasty provide patients with the strength, comfort, and relief to return to their favorite activities.

Following up with routine checkups and procedures ensures long-term benefits both for the brain and body.

Additionally, talking to your PCP about your mental health concerns will determine whether you need additional treatment and support.

No matter the plan of action, Arkansas Spine and Pain is here to offer support and hear your concerns.  Whole body healing requires vulnerability and community. We strive to foster the mind, body, and spirit in your treatment plan, and operate as a trusting family.

Don’t let chronic pain take over your life. Get back to better health.

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