Individuals that experience back pain, injury from a sports-related activity, osteoarthritis, or a chronic case of myofascial pain are candidates for prolotherapy. The procedure involves the use of dextrose solutions being injected into the joint, tissue that is causing the pain, or tendon in a repetitive manner with the aim of stimulating a response from the regenerative tissue. This procedure is to be used only when injuries sustained to the tissue of the musculoskeletal system have not subsided in their own.

Prolotherapy is used to help treat pain in the neck and back that result from conditions related to the spine such as sciatica, whiplash, degenerative disc disease, problems in the sacroiliac, and sciatica.

The purpose of this procedure is to help the tissue that is injured or torn to regenerate and possibly reduce the pain. In simple terms, this procedure will help spur the natural healing process. This occurs with the formation of new blood vessels which is aided by the dextrose solution injected into the body, helping in the development of new tendons, joint tissue, or fiber ligaments.

Every individual may receive his/her own treatment plan, with treatment usually taking place anywhere from every two to six weeks. The procedure lasts a total of 30 minutes which includes prep time, treatment, and recovery. Given the simplicity of the procedure, it can be done in a medical office.

Some improvements patients have experienced include the diminishment or the eradication of back pain, decreased likelihood of re-injuring the treated site, ability to return to their normal functions, and improved strength in the tendon, joint capsule, or ligament.

Patients can expect to initially witness minor swelling and stiffness. For some patients, improvements can occur immediately, while for others, improvements can take place after each successive treatment. Many patients become permanently cured and are able to return to enjoying the pleasures of everyday life.

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