Soft Tissue Injection: Shoulder

Categories: Upper Body

The soft tissue injection for the shoulder is an outpatient procedure done to help provide patients with pain relief from shoulder bursitis. Bursitis occurs when a sac-like structure that is filled with fluid, becomes inflamed. The bursa is located between the bone and the muscles or tendons and helps to reduce friction between them. They can be found throughout the body near various joints.

In preparation for the procedure, the patient is directed to lie down and the shoulder is sterilized using antiseptic solution. Then the area where the injection is to occur is administered with a local anesthetic to help numb the tissue. Once the tissue has been numbed, a needle is inserted and carefully maneuvered towards the bursa. Once the needle is in place, medication consisting of corticosteroid is administered to the joint to help the patient experience pain relief as well as reduced inflammation.

Once the medication has been applied, the needle is carefully extracted and a bandage is applied to the injection site. The patient may start to experience pain relief sometime around 2 to 3 days subsequent to the procedure.

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