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Arkansas spine and pain is a great pain management. All of the doctors are great at what they do. Also, the employees are very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this pain management center. Great people all around the board.
Bree G.
This is a great clinic with great caring staff and Drs. I have seen many Drs do to spinal problems and have always found that my needs best taken care of and acknowledged at Arkansas Spine and Pain. I would recommend that anyone try this clinic for spine and pain needs, I believe you will be completely satisfied. What makes them stand out from other clinics is if there is a issue or a problem they will be quick to take care of it and fix it and see that it does not occur again, along with providing the best care possible. These professionals really care about their patients.
B. Jeffus

I have been a patient of Dr. Julio Olaya, MD and his team at Arkansas Spine Pain for several years and I must say His Staff and He are truly the BEST!

I sustained Back Injury while in the Army and for several decades I could’nt find the Pain Relief I needed until I meet Dr.Olaya who became the Answer to all my Pain and Nerve Issues.

I would recommend him and If you had to Travel Hours to see him you want be disappointed he knows how to deal with Pain without causing more pain design to target the exact area with lighting fast results.

Kelly J.
I’m emotional over the fact I now see a team of doctors, specifically Dr. Prasad, who genuinely want to help manage and treat the pain I have had for years. My first appointment went very well, and all the staff was kind and respectful, which I appreciated. Thank you Arkansas Spine & Pain for caring and getting me on the right track to living a better life.
Shayla P.
Epidural steroid to relieve Back pain. Very nice medical staff and exceptional pain free procedure.
A.B. Russell

I’m Leah Jones I come far away just to see Dr.Olaya he’s very caring and understanding he’s been very patient and amazingly helpful to me trust him with my life I would recommend him to anybody who wants and needs relief from pain the staff is equally amazing thanks to all of you!!!!

Dannielle J.
Arkansas spine and pain is a great pain management clinic. All of the doctors are great at what they do. They truly take their time to figure out the best treatment for each patient. Also, the employees are very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this pain management center.
Billy K.

At my 1st visit I was diagnosed with sacroiliactis & yesterday I had SI injections in my sacroiliac joints & today I have no low back pain, this is the 1st day in over 5 years that I haven’t had severe pain. Was told that if injections took away pain I would get a spinal stimulator surgically implanted. Next visit is Dec 13th hope surgery is scheduled at that visit! God Bless Dr. Q & the staff of ASAP!

C. B. B
Angela is the most wonderful doctor in the entire world. She treats people with true care and from her hear She unlike any doctor you will ever know. She will listen to and address your every concern. Her and her staff (including the lovely Miss Ruth) are very professional and treat you like family. They have taken very good care of me for 6+ years. Would highly recommend coming here for pain treatment.
Lori P.
Dr. Stepanenko is extremely knowledgeable and cares about her patients well being. I highly recommend her for any/all pain management needs.
Cecilia Aaron
Cecilia Aaron
Dr. Prasad and most of the staff are nice. They are busy getting people in and out as fast as they can. I will be glad when Angela understands me. She just glanced at my notes that I kept on my pain levels. When I thought she finally understood me, it turned out to be a misunderstanding on everyone's part. The next time I came in, Angela was sick, so a miss Michelle Parish APRN saw me. The first time she has ever seen me, she came into the room acting like I messed up my medicine on purpose and con my pharmacy into giving more medicine. When I left, I was crying my eyes out. As long as this lady never takes care of me again, I will be okay. I don't know if her dog died, and she was upset she had to see her patients on top of Angela's patients. But, I do not want to test the theory.
Kelly S.
Kelly S.
I have had nothing but good experiences at AS&P in White Hall. Everyone is knowledgeable and very kind. When having any procedure Dr. Stepanek is amazing. She is very gentle and doesn't get in a hurry. She will make sure your pain medication has kicked in before she starts. On the other side, Dara Mooney always listens to any concerns you may have and ensures you always gets the best care possible. Before I started going to AS&P I was confined to a wheelchair unable to walk or stand without a tremendous amount of pain even though I was on a lot pain medication. Now I am able to stand and walk without pain and also without additive pain medication. AS&P gave me my life back.
Brandi Phillips
Brandi Phillips
I had a good experience with the staff and Dr Q
david holmes
david holmes
Great clinic nurses are nice doctor are great they do good job make you time there comfortable
Zi and ma Muckbangs
Zi and ma Muckbangs
Trista was wonderful Sweet.She made sure to getthe job done.She made sure that all of my things were taken care of I appreciate you so much Tristan thank you so much

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