Ultrasound-Guided Injection for Knee Pain

Categories: Upper Body

The ultrasound-guided injection for knee pain is a procedure done on an outpatient basis and requires no surgery. It is done to help patients experience pain relief from knee arthritis. This is done through an injection of a steroid that reduces inflammation.

​Prior to the injection taking place, the knee is first swabbed then sterilized using antiseptic solution. Then a local medication is applied to numb the site where the injection will take place. A hand-held ultrasound probe is utilized to better aid in the visualization of the knee anatomy and also helps to ensure that the medication is accurately injected into the desired location. Through the imagery provided by the ultrasound probe, the needle is injected into the knee and carefully guided to the region where the problem lies. Once the needle is in position, the steroid medication is then applied, helping to reduce the inflammation and better control the pain.

​Once the injection has taken place, the needle is carefully extracted. In the event the patient does not appropriately respond to the treatment the first-time around, the procedure may be repeated if the situation deems it necessary.

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